Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Baby Gavin

It has been a while since I have photographed a little newborn... but it's been even longer that I've actually blogged about it, or anything 'photography' for that matter.

Why?  Well, I spend all my time updating this blog!  That's why!
Shame on me, I know.

Oh how I love the little one's.
I am such a baby-lover, just can't get enough.
The smell, the bittiness, the snuggles, so sweet.

I wanted to try some new things with this shoot and I'm so grateful for clients that just trust me.
I aim to please, and try to get a good representation of different things.
Sometimes you just gotta try something new, though, I do, to keep it fresh, to keep me feeling creative.

With this little man I brought some nature into my shots.
I brought this big trunk into my home this fall and use it as a side table (see a taste of that HERE).
I moved it over for this shoot, and these shots are my most favorite!


Here are more shots of this little guy's shoot.
He seriously was the best baby!  Did this whole shoot w/o having to nurse!  Rockstar!

His dad made this wooden sign.  It was perfect for my second set that included some branches from my backyard!

Isn't he the sweetest?  I'm so glad I got to spend some time with this sweety-pie!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Twins... for the first time

It has been my pleasure to photograph this family over the past few years.
I photographed their newborn baby, then her again when she turned one, then momma when she was pregnant with these precious twins.

It was at that maternity shoot they said, "So what do you recommend for shooting twins?"
I told them after the fact I was tempted to say... "You find another photographer, is what you do!"

I've never photographed twins.  Ever!
Newborns take a delicate touch and aren't the easiest shoots to begin with... times that by two... I was honestly a little frightened!

Of course you never let them see you sweat, so I was like, well, I've never done it, but if you are willing I think I can do it.

They were willing, and did it we did.
I say WE and mean both mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and the nanny, were working it that day!!!
Not only did we have twins, but a two year old who wanted to play too!

It was a wonderful shoot.
I love these precious images of these two little people who began their life together.  Such a special thing to capture.

I was sweating like a pig when all was said and done, but it was so worth it!

Funny story:  I was dropping off prints, taking time to visit, snuggle these babies... we were all chatting and I asked about the canvas mom ordered.  Turns out that was a surprise for dad, for Christmas.  You are welcome!  Glad I ruined that!  It was a funny moment that I still laugh about.  They were both so sleep deprived I don't think either of them remember me blowing the surprise!

Monday, February 16, 2015

8 - 52 Winter Walkway

Maybe I can only do one photo/month!!! 
I have so many other things going on as well!!!
Here is a cold winter image, looks like it belongs in the Chronicles of Narnia... maybe we'll watch that today!

Friday, January 30, 2015

5 - 52 Frosty Spiderweb

I say it all of the time, but this poor blog of mine always gets the last of my time, or lack of it!

It is 2015, time for new goals, new hopes and new intentions.
I have recently completed my first month prompt for One Little Word.  See my post about it here, and my January layout here.

This layout includes this specific area of my life... photography.
Here is what I created and have been thinking about my photography...

I have some goals with regards to photography this year.  My most important goal is to bring photography back to my family life first.  I want to do better at documenting our story, the lives of my children, with this art.

I will be posting a portrait a week of each of them over at Perspective.
Here I want to post a photo a week of something I find beautiful, anything that speaks to me, for whatever reason.

This week I'm sharing an image I took right outside my back door.
Q actually spotted this frost covered spiders web.
It is beautiful to me!

I used

Monday, December 1, 2014

Big Cat on The Run... Dance Shoot

This post is long overdue!
All of my next posts are!
This blog has been neglected!
I have posted sneeks up on FB, but I do love to post more of the full story here.

This summer I asked Courtney to be my tigress/lioness/big cat!
I know her from Center Stage Dance Studio.
She is powerful.  She is strong.
When I thought this shoot up I thought of her.

I wanted to just play, for me, for my creativity.
She was happy to oblige!
She and her mom came to my house and I did her hair and make up.
She had brought some costumes based on my idea.  They were perfect.

She did such a great job for me!
I have many images that I adore!

Here is the first set... can't even decide which is my favorite!
My lioness on the run...

Actually this first might be my favorite...

Dancer: Courtney Wolff
Hair and Makeup: CCMcAfeePhotography (me)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pregnant... With Twins

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with this great family a couple of weeks ago.
Mamma is pregnant with twins and wanted to capture both herself and her little girl that will soon be a big sister.

Love these guys!  Dad worked so hard to contain this little ball of energy!  He was quite entertaining!
She did great!

Enjoy these sweet images...

I love these images.  
An image I did take, when I was preggers with #4 was one of #3 straddled over my belly.  It is so sweet to me... You don't stop picking your kids up, even though you have one protruding out in front of you!!!

And one of little trying to make her own heart for babies...

I went ahead and volunteered myself to be an extra set of hands when these little's come!  
We all know I just can't get enough of babies!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Only Spring Mini...

Fall is fast approaching, next week our temps should start dropping.
I plan to do fall mini shoots this year.  It is a great way to get a bunch of people through and fits many of those that just want a quick family portrait, maybe for upcoming Christmas cards!

I wasn't so on top of it this year and couldn't quite get it together for spring mini's.

I did, however do them for one friend!

Here they are!

My words: OK, now put your arm around your sisters (to the bigger brother)!
He made a face, but obeyed (this is the benefit to having other people take your photos), mostly!  His arms floated around just one of his sisters!  He just couldn't do it! :)